Hi, I’m Walt! I’m an engineer and bootstrapper living in Taiwan.

I write about engineering and business.

Engineering is my creative outlet. I have 30+ years of engineering and startup experience including work as a silicon valley consultant, startup co-founder, engineer #2 at VC backed hired.com and multiple indie side-projects. My technology work spans design, web software, data engineering / machine learning and hardware engineering.

Business is my puzzle. I’ve launched dozens of products and learned the hard way that a product on it’s own is not a business. I believe that sales, market selection, marketing, and design probably matter more than engineering in product success… these are all skills I’m picking up one by one.

My other interests include -

  • Cooking and nutrition
  • Writing
  • Learning languages (Mandarin Chinese and Japanese)
  • Learning and Habits
  • Fitness and weight lifting
  • Travel

I love meeting new people. If you’d like to talk about business, engineering, or something else send me a DM on twitter.