I quit the internet. It’s great! 😢

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Ok smart guy… If you quit the internet how are you writing this blog post?

Well yeah… I sort-of quit the internet… I have decided that I won’t use the internet outside of work.

The backstory

This past week I decided to create a new habit. Whenever I walk into my room I take my cell phone and computer and move them into the living room if they’re in my room.

I have a bad habit you see… I intend to do all sorts of productive things like studying Mandarin and lifting weights at the gym but I was waking up each morning and watching YouTube and reading up on the latest Trump news (Why? Trump doesn’t really effect me because… I live in Taiwan). I would say that I was feeling like I didn’t have a lot of time to figure things out for myself… so this experiment.

How’s it going so far?


I’ve been extremely grumpy all week😡. I can’t stop thinking about my phone or wanting to check google for something and then realizing I can’t. I’ve actually felt this strange relief whenever I get to work (where I have to user the internet).

I’ve been EXTREMELY restless at home.

On Monday night I couldn’t sleep very well. I literally woke up at midnight and went on a run through the city.

Every morning this week has been manic(?). I made a new batch of sauerkraut, did some art, studied Chinese, prepared breakfast for my wife and have been going to the gym a lot. I’ve been doing all these things so I don’t feel so out-of-sorts. I’m actually happy that this kind of stuff is coming into my life but I do wish I felt a little more excited.

Overall this is what I expected.

Two years ago I stopped watching movies and went through a few weeks like this. Eventually my restlessness quieted down and these days movies seem really fake and uninteresting (I also reclaimed a bunch of my time).

Why are you doing this?

I am of the opinion that life should be lived… and I feel like my internet habits are getting in my way.

The internet is great when I can use it to express myself or be creative but when days are slipping by where I’m just consuming that’s not cool.

I definitely don’t feel very good right now but at the same time I feel excited and optimistic. We’ll see how this goes. Removing the internet (from my personal life) is one of the harder things I’ve tried to do but I think it’s going to be worth it.