On writing clearly

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Writing clearly is a skill

I believe writing and thinking clearly is a skill. This means that with practice I can improve.

When I write I keep these ideas in mind. They help me enjoy the writing process.

The writing process

When I start writing I often feel aimless. What should I write about?

I have learned that feeling aimless is normal. Ideas will come once I get to work.

After I start I always find that practicing writing is fun.

My ideas often start out vague. This used to bother me.

I have learned not to worry. After I edit an idea a couple of times it usually becomes clear and interesting.

Some ways I edit

A pessimistic view is not very useful. I prefer being optimistic.

Instead of believing, “I can’t write clearly”…

I like to believe, “writing clearly is a skill and I can improve.”

My writing can often use more details.

When I write, “I need a ‘unifying vision'”, I ask myself what a ‘unifying vision’ is.

I usually come up with something clearer.


I hope you find these ideas useful.

Have some tips of your own? Let me know. Send me a message on twitter: @wschlender