My all-time favorite book of the year is Atomic Habits. It’s great! I highly recommend it.

I’d like to build some habits that can support my entrepreneurship work. I’ve been thinking that I’d like to regularly shipping stuff and regularly talk to customers.

Habits stick when there’s some sort of trigger (cue) that triggers the habit and some action to perform that’s attractive, easy to do and rewarding.

The best habits are quick (Look up the 2 minute rule in Atomic Habits) and supported by a well-designed environment.

So what kinds of habits can I build around regularly shipping stuff and regularly talking to customers?

Regarding regularly shipping stuff ~

  • If shipping stuff is hard it’ll never happen.
  • If I have to think and plan a lot to decide what to do nothing will get done.

I need something that I can ship every day that’s easy to ship, rewarding, and / or quick to make.

I’m thinking a daily journal or experiment log or something. It’s easy to ship stuff to my blog and it’s satisfying to write something and hit publish.

Maybe I could make a blog section listing experiments. I could ship an “experiment plan” at the start of each day and write about the result at days end.

An experiment plan would be quick to write ~2 minutes and would be a nice tool for sharing my progress.

Regarding talking to customers ~

  • If it’s hard to set up meetings with customers it’ll never happen
  • If I don’t have a consistent set of questions or way to track and digest interviews the interviews will feel pointless
  • If I don’t have a way to keep track of interview outreach I won’t do any outreach and so I won’t set up any interviews

It would be easier to do outreach if I had some sort of CRM where I could track outreach, notes, question responses and summaries of things I’ve learned.

I need to come up with the trigger… maybe I can set up a daily challenge or calendar notification.

I could have an outreach target - maybe 5 people if it’s through a cold channel like Reddit or 2 if it’s through an easy channel like Upwork.

If I had a consistent channel for outreach I could do the outreach in a few minutes. The interviews would take longer but once they’re set up they’ll happen.