Products without pain

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Many entrepreneurs try to build products that solve pains. Is that the only way?

My issues with pain:

  • It is negative – why do we have to start from a negative frame?
  • It’s ’emotional’ but in a bad way – we are definitely motivated by avoiding pain but we are also motivated by dreams of a better tomorrow.

Another way? What about focusing on the dream? What does that look like?

I think there are a few entrepreneurs who do this. They usually start out by talking about the current state of the world… but they don’t dwell on it.

“Here’s how people currently listen to music”…

“Here’s the situation with cars”…

“It’s unfortunate we haven’t made more progress on space”…

But then they start painting the dream… and they focus on big and beautiful dreams. ‘A better world!’ the ‘Way the world should be’.

“1000 songs fits in your pocket!”

“Electric cars that are BETTER than gas cars!”

“Reusable rockets and humans on mars!”

So how can I build big, beautiful dreams? Maybe I can start by painting a picture of how the world is and maybe it doesn’t need to be too detailed. Then maybe I can ask people if certain kinds of solutions would be better…? I wonder what they’d say…

How can I ask good questions that help me understand people’s dreams?

  • I think I need to be really specific… ‘why is X not a good solution to this problem’… ‘would it be cool if the world were like Y’?
  • I think maybe I need to include the context and what I already understand… ‘so I understand that XYZ doesn’t work… but I’m confused about HIJ’

I want to be able to paint vivid dreams. Let’s see if I can learn to do it.